Trojan Revolt


A Manifest, 2015
Argus | TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment

In collaboration wtih: Sofie van Brunschot & Bas de Pater

As architects, how can we position ourselves in the changing climate of building developments? Faced with an industry driven more and more by monetary motives, how can we retain our ideologies and social consciousness? Large scale developments and huge investments are rapidly taking over the industry. These projects, however, fail to meet the needs of society. Instead, market value is the only major driving factor. If there’s no financial gain, they will not show consideration for the social impact these projects have. If there’s no economical profit, they will not develop for the people. The rate at which we’re losing touch with the human scale is alarming.

Small scale initiatives can still be socially conscious and have a positive impact on local communities. This kind of architecture is definitely essential for the future of our society. However, these small scale projects can’t overcome the problems that big scale developments bring. And, ironically, as struggling professionals it is almost impossible to reject assignments of such magnitude. This is why we must acknowledge the possibilities and importance of both types of developments and combine these to create a new visionary.
We call for a new architecture, a Robin Hood architecture. A socially conscious, visionary architecture that takes over the large developments driven by financial gains. To implement our ideologies and stand up for the little man. By not rejecting morally unsound projects, but instead using them to our advantage, we can inspire a new movement.

We propose a Trojan Horse strategy to achieve this goal. Meeting the conditions of big developments, but in the shape of a Trojan Horse: producing architecture that delivers a hidden social agenda. We collaborate with the big investors, joining two opposites and thus implementing our social ideology. A process of syncretism that will positively impact our society enormously.

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