Sigaren Fabriek 

Berlage Design Masterclass, 2016
Material Culture | Prototypes for a New Industrial Vernacular

Led by Assemble & Hugo Corbett 

In collaboration with‭: ‬Gustav Kjær Vad Nielsen‭, ‬James Taylor‭, ‬Jelena Bottani‭, ‬Marcela Montalvao and Nick Rose

A New Vernacular‭?‬

Cigar Factory is a factory in Historic Delft area from 1800s‭. ‬The Complex consists of three historic buildigns built in order in‭ ‬different time zones‭.‬

We are keeping the factory as it is now‭ - ‬an accidental archive and exchange for materials‭. ‬Out of necessity the building is a storage space for materials that are too valuable to discard‭. ‬This in itself is an exciting and interesting use for the building‭ ‬‭- ‬a historic builder’s merchants for the city of Delft‭. ‬The Cigar Factory is not perfect however‭, ‬from the street the building is isolated‭, ‬and to many‭, ‬anonymous‭.‬

Our proposals bring a new sense of theatre and performance to the factory to make it more recognisable from the street‭. ‬We’re proposing a new entrance for the building‭, ‬and treating people like the materials‭. ‬On arrival into the central courtyard‭, ‬people get into an external lift and are taken to the top floor via a hoist‭. ‬It is with this principle that materials are moved in‭ ‬and out of the building also‭. ‬The facade is comprised of a single material that is processed in different way that conveys the history of the building‭. ‬In the same way that the current owner has heightened an existing chimney brick to be used as a floor tile‭, ‬we are proposing enrichment through process‭.‬

Our proposal explores the tectonic characteristics of the derived from the history of place‭.‬

The space we want to focus on is the existing main building of production‭ ‬and the most visible building on the site‭.‬

The presence of an industry in a city must be recognised by give the industrial activity a public character

People who want to can contribute or withdraw materials like makers‭, ‬designer‭, ‬homeowners or general public

By taking an ordinary‭, ‬readily accessible material like the contemporary roof tile‭, ‬we will process and assemble it differently‭,‬‭ ‬to speak of the history of the building‭. ‬Proposing a new entrance and means of circulation that takes precedent from factories‭ ‬such as‭ ‬“Van Nelle”‭ ‬where raw materials start at the top and work their way down‭.‬

How long for‭?‬
Install a longterm system inspired by the existing owner for future use‭, ‬general public or new owners‭.‬