Crimean State University 

New Horizons in Campus Design 



Design Studio 7, 2011
Bachelor Degree | Istanbul Technical University,Faculty of Architecture

The project is located in Akmescit-Simferepol in Ukraine and the site is approximately 25.000 square meters. In the project brief, the students were asked to design a new campus for Crimean State University of Engineering and Pedagogy. This new campus was conceived as an extension of the one which is existing already. But the old campus can not meet the contemporary trends of the university life in Akmescit. So, this new campus is expected to provide new opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. Except than this diverse program, the site specifications were also crucial. There were a dense plantation on the site, so this new facilities also expected to erect on the site without harming that unique habitat of the Nyzhnii Pond. In consideration with these criterias, a dense campus complex was proposed that can serve approximately for 700 students.