Delft University of Technology, Delft (NL)

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (MSc)
Track in Architecture
2015 - 2018

GPA 8.24 (Out of 10.00)

Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul (TR)
The Faculty of Architecture (B.Arch.)
Architecture Department
2007 - 2012

GPA 3.15 (Out of 4.00)

Antalya Anatolian High School, Antalya (TR)
2002 - 2006


Berlage Design Master Class (NL)
2016 - Material Culture:
Prototypes for New Industrial Vernacular
(Led by Assemble)

Architectural Association School of Architecure (UK)
2011 - Istanbul Visiting School:
Crafted Tower
(Led by Diego Perez Espitia, Frederico Fialho Teixeria) 


Istanbul Technical University Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center / Architect
February 2015 - August 2015 / Istanbul (TR)

- Eskisehir Urban Transformation Project
(commissioned by Eskisehir Municipality)

Earned skills in Urban Design and Transformation by accompanying a large interdisciplinary team of the transformation project commissioned by the municipality of Eskişehir. Worked together with urban designers, landscape architects and municipal officials. Prepared architectural and urban design projects.Transformed existing data on capacities and usage into new architectural spaces for the users already residing in the transformation area. Made extensive research and documentation about other transformation projects. Worked on future scenarios and presented it with reports, drawings, physical models, 3d models and diagrams.

KPM, Kerem Piker Mimarlık / Architect

November 2013 - December 2014 / Istanbul (TR)

- Ataşehir-IX Office Building (completed)

Involved in concept design project, design development and construction project. Completed accurate drawings and documents for the construction project. Created detailed digital models to communicate with the client and to solve complex details of the application project. Successfully completed drawings in diverse scales (floor plans, sections and elevations) to get a municipal licence and finish the construction project. Coordinated the static and mechanical projects by being an effective communicator between the engineers and architects. Actively seeked new design and construction methods.

- Kemerlife XXIII Housing Project (under construction)

Involved in concept and preliminary design processes. Created drawings in diverse scales, made digital models, diagrams and illustrations. Prepared presentations for clients. Researched on materials and building systems, organized and involved meetings in order to explore and apply the solutions.

- Belgrad Orman Evleri (under construction)

Involved in concept and preliminary design processes.

MVRDV / Intern Architect

February 2013 - August 2013 / Rotterdam (NL)

- Strasbourg Wacken Europe (competition)

Made capacity and diversity tests on digital models, created drawings, diagrams and schemes for presentations. Made physical models. Prepared Photoshop renderings for 3d sections.

- IBA Hamburg Vertical Village (exhibition)

Acquired experience in a curatorial job. Made physical models and illustrations for the exhibition.

- Zoo Maubuege (competition)

Worked on the visualisation of the project by preparing photosop renderings.


Oliedam - Rotterdam in het Olietijdperk
1862 - Vandaag
Exhibition 2017 / Rotterdam (NL)
Exhibitor: Museum Rotterdam

- History Thesis “Mindscapes of Oil” was exhibited.

The video interviews of my thesis project “Mindscapes of Oil” were demonstrated during the exhibiton “Oliedam” which is a collaborative project of Museum Rotterdam and TU Delft. Eight structured interviews are made with eight professionals who have expertise in oil business. The interviews are prepared, recorded and edited (sound and video editing) for the exhibition by myself. Initially, the exhibiton is based on the scientific research of Carola Hein who was also mentor of my history thesis project.

2016/17 ARGUS Annual
Book 2017 / Rotterdam (NL)

- Architectural Project “Greetings from Petroland”
was published.

Accompanying with Argus Expo, ARGUS (the student association of the architecture master track of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology) was published Argus Annual 2016/2017 in order to present the most representative and inspiring master projects from each Chair/Studio. “Greetings from Petroland” was selected, exhibited and published in the year of 2017.

Urban Hub Naples
Book 2013 / Istanbul (TR)

- Architectural Project “Cinecitta Napoli” was published.

New Horizons in Campus Design
Book 2011 / Istanbul (TR)

- Architectural Project “Crimean State University of Engineering and Pedagogy Campus” was published.


Editorial designer

2013 - Urban Hub Naples

Worked as an editorial designer for the design and application of the book “Urban Hub Naples” in collaboration with Ozan Avcı. The book presents a colllection of graduation projects completed in Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 2011-2012 spring semester under the studio with the same title.


2007 - MSNBC, Turkey from the view of children

Worked as an instructor in a social responsibility project “Turkey from the view of children” which was designed by MSNBC Turkey (NTV-MSNBC) and Ministry of Education. Seven different workshops were held in seven cities of Turkey. Whereas, I was responsible to give basic photography course for the kids and direct the workshop in Diyarbakır.


Encouragement award

2010 / Arched, The Architectural Education Association Education Student Awards, 2nd year category


Success award

2009 / Arched, The Architectural Education Association Education Student Awards, 2nd year category