Deniz was born and raised in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. She trained as an architect in Istanbul Technical Universtiy and acquired her Master of Science degree in Architecture at TU Delft. She currently lives in Rotterdam. 

Deniz's works focusing on the transformations of urbanised/urbanising delta landscapes, infrastructure spaces and networks of production and consumption. In her MSc.history thesis at TU Delft, ‘Architecture Beyond Oil’, she researched on global networks of oil and accompanied it with an urban tranformation project which she proposed a transformation project for the port of Rotterdam after oil era. Followingly, she graduated from Delta Interventions graduation studio where she explored how to stabilize the disappearing island of Schiermonnikoog from the onslaught of the sea.

She acquires more than two years of professional experience in both the Netherland and Turkey in housing, commercial, urban design, and urban transformation projects in the architectural design practices both large and small.